Stretching 24x20" Paintings

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Stretching is the process stretching the canvas over a wooden skeletal frame. It's NECESSARY to first stretch your painting before it can be hung or framed.
Professional Stretching for 20"x24" or 24"x20" Oil paintings is only
Extra S&H of
the first 20x24" stretched painting is $8
No additional S&H for any other 20x24" stretched paintings shipped together!
The total for the stretched painting(s) & shipping would be Your bid(s) +S&H of painting(s) +$1
3.95 x Quantity of  Stretching + $8 for extra shipping/insurance. 

1. You will save money -  
A Frame Shop will charge you a
minimum of $40.00 to Stretch each 24"x20" Oil Painting.
2. Your Painting(s) will arrive Stretched and ready to be hung on your wall - instead of rolled in a tube
It will save you a trip to the Frame Shop!


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